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Green Bay and Appleton Business Law/Litigation

“Protecting your business from competitors." We can handle all your business law issues from patents to trademarks and copyrights.

Business Organizations
Our business organization attorney assists individuals and companies as they establish themselves in the marketplace through business formations. Our business law lawyer handle business formations by explaining the difference between establishing an entity such as a LLC, PLLC, or an "S" Corporation. We then draft the necessary documents and make the necessary filings to legally create your business.

Business Transactions
The business law attorneys of Recka & Associates help businesses and business owners deal with all kinds of business transactions, including the buying and selling of a business. We also counsel businesses pursuing joint ventures and partnerships.

Business Litigation
When business owners are sued, or bring suit against another party, we are there to litigate the case and be the legal advocate your business needs. Our business law experience will help keep moving your business forward and away from lingering legal disputes. We will prepare you and your business for court with informative counsel that protects your bottom line and preserves your standing in the business community.

Our business attorney drafts and reviews contracts for clients. In addition to creating contracts with your business interests in mind, we will advise you on your liability in existing or pending contracts.

Business Planning
Once established in the marketplace, we can help both large and small business owners in plotting a prosperous future while avoiding the legal landmines that can harm a business. We will help establish partnership agreements and help define how matters of operations and decision-making will be shared.

Tax Issues
We keep a careful eye on the moving targets known as tax laws, particularly the tax laws relevant to your business.


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